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Install New Gas Water Heater Kent


Are you scouring the market for a new gas water heater? Have the numerous options left you confused and unable to decide which one would be best for your home? Are you also concerned about getting a new gas water heater installed by professionals?

Relax! Let Green City Heating and Air Conditioning take care of all your needs for a new gas water heater in Kent, WA. A water heater is a crucial and major investment and you need to make sure that it is made wisely.

Come to us when it is time to install a new gas water heater in your recently constructed home or to replace old gas water heaters. This is the best way Kent homeowners can be sure that their resources are put to the best possible use. We help our customers:

  • Choose a correctly sized, top-shelf product
  • By installing their new gas water heater correctly
  • Learn about proper usage and upkeep of the appliance

Repair Gas Water Heaters in Kent Homes


Our capabilities go beyond new gas water heater installation. We also repair gas water heaters. Though all home appliances and comfort systems should be handled by professionals, it is especially advisable to hire proven pros like us to repair gas water heaters in Kent.

Risk of exposure to dangerous natural gas is one of the key reasons why homeowners should avoid DIY attempts to repair gas water heaters. We can repair gas water heaters of all makes or models and can fix all kinds of issues with them, such as:

  • Water leaks
  • Gas leaks
  • Water that’s not hot
  • Excessive gas consumption
  • Clicking noises from the appliance

Install Gas Water Heater or Replace Old Gas Water Heaters Kent


Homeowners should not hesitate to replace old gas water heaters once they start having frequent problems with these appliances. Using a malfunctioning water heater can hamper your daily life and also compromise the well-being of your loved ones.

We are the experts to get in touch with when you need to replace old gas water heaters in Kent. As an ethical, family-owned and operated company, we recommend water heater replacement only if absolutely necessary. Moreover, we replace old gas water heaters:

  • Carefully and correctly
  • Without damaging the property in any way
  • In adherence to the local codes

Green City Heating and Air Conditioning is the #1 choice of homeowners looking to replace old gas water heaters, repair gas water heaters or install a new gas water heater in Kent. Reach us at (253) 465-7575.