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Daikin Mini Split Laurelhurst


No matter which season is just around the corner, you want to have the right cooling or heating system installed in your home. A Daikin ductless mini split is an excellent choice for an efficient heating and cooling system. If you have already made up your mind about getting a Daikin mini split installation done for your Laurelhurst, WA area home, give Green City Heating and Air Conditioning a call.

We are a locally owned, licensed, bonded and insured HVAC company offering area residents affordable and professional heating and air conditioning services for Daikin mini splits. Our service technicians are:

  • Factory trained
  • Certified
  • Professional in their work

With over 30 years of experience, we are the company that people count on for Daikin mini split services.

Daikin Ductless Mini Split Laurelhurst


Daikin ductless minisplits are heating and cooling systems that allow you to control the temperatures in individual rooms or spaces. Daikin mini splits are easy to install and require no ductwork in your home which saves installation costs.

A Daikin ductless mini splitA/C is an excellent alternative to standard home air conditioning when there isn’t room for ductwork. Ductless heating and air conditioning is also a good alternative for newly added rooms and heating or cooling hard to reach areas in a home.

Choose Daikin ductless mini split for your home because of:

  • Quiet performance
  • Ease in installation
  • Economical operation

Laurelhurst Daikin Mini Split Installation and Tune Ups


There are various reasons why our company is the best when it comes to Daikin mini split installation and repair around Laurelhurst. We have years of experience when it comes to fixing ductless mini splits. Besides, our team is also one of the best in terms of installing new systems that too quickly.

Your Daikin ductless mini split system is an investment. Make sure that you are always getting the most you can get out of your minisplit with regular Daikin mini split tune ups. You need professional Daikin mini split installation and turns ups. You need to call us.

To give you a better idea of all the highlights of our Daikin mini split installation and repair services consider this:

  • Labor and material guarantee of five years
  • Quick installation and clean-up afterward
  • After sales/installation service available

To hire our Daikin mini split installation and repair technicians around Laurelhurst call Green City Heating and Air Conditioning at (206) 249-9772. We also install and service mini splits for other leading manufacturers. Please call us if you have any questions regarding your mini split.