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Boilers Magnolia


Boilers are a favorite way of keeping your home warm and cozy. When considering new boilers, you need to know the three main boiler types, which are combination boilers, conventional boilers, and system boilers. All these types of boilers are each suited for specific properties.

You need expert HAVC contractors to help you decide which one of these boilers will best suit your needs. Green City Heating and Air Conditioning offer professional boiler service for Magnolia, WA area residents and business owners, including installation, repair as well as boiler replacement. You can rely on us because we:

    • Enjoy BBB accreditation with an A+ rating
    • Are licensed, bonded and insured
    • Are rated A on Angie’s list
    • Offer free estimates

Anytime you need any services on boilers; we are just a call away. Get in touch with us today when you need our professional boiler repair service.

Boiler Repair Magnolia


Boilers are an excellent piece of machinery that works quite well to keep your house warm, providing central heating, water heating, and many other benefits.

However, it is a mechanical unit and will develop problems. At such time, you need expert boiler repair that can have your boiler back and function properly. Signs indicating it is time for boiler repair include:

      • Strange noises
      • Unpleasant smells
      • Water leaks
      • Low water pressure

Please do not waste time when you notice any symptoms; give us a call right away. We have a skilled crew to handle any boiler repair job you might have for us. Let us eliminate your stress with our fast, efficient and reliable boiler repair services in Magnolia.

Magnolia Boiler Replacement


Homeowners who are always struggling with their boilers even after regular repairs, need to realize it is time for a boiler replacement. You do not have to panic about making the right choice for a new boiler, call us, and we will provide you the correct boiler replacement.

There are many reasons which indicate you might need a boiler replacement. The boiler may have reached it’s the end of its life span, or the unit might not be suitable for the usage you require.

Whatever the reason, we will provide you quality boiler replacement service for your Magnolia property through our technicians who are:

      • Highly experienced
      • Factory trained
      • Professional

Working with reliable HVAC contractors like us ensure the safety of your property as our crew works with the utmost care and respect for your premises.

Are you looking for an efficient boiler repair service around Magnolia? Call Green City Heating and Air Conditioning, a family owned and operated business, at 206-249-9772