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Propane and natural gas are the most preferred fuel sources for homeowners who want energy-efficient and eco-friendly options. However, the hazards associated with the use of gas demand that only experienced professionals be hired for residential gas line installation in Kent, WA.

Green City Heating and Air Conditioning is the expert to get in touch with when you decide to install a new gas line in your home. We can carry out residential gas line installation for a diverse range of applications, such as for operating stoves, furnaces, water heaters and fireplaces.

Do not hesitate to call us to install a new gas line on your Kent property, whether it is your first time using a fuel source or you want to extend the gas piping network that is already in place. You can also ask us to fit a new gas line to replace the existing worn-out/damaged one.

No matter what your new gas line installation projects involves, our technicians get it done:

  • Quickly
  • Carefully
  • Correctly
  • Safely

Gas Line Repair Kent


Natural gas is quite convenient to use, but it has its risks. It is highly combustible and its inhalation can result in health problems.

As such, you should be very particular about maintaining the integrity of your residential gas line installation. Aside from ensuring that the new gas line system is installed professionally, you must make sure to get immediate and efficient gas line repair services, when necessary.

Waste no time in calling us for gas line repair in your Kent home if you detect the distinctive odor of gas on the property. We:

  • Send our gas line repair crew with well-equipped service van
  • Make lasting repairs (no temporary fixes)

Residential Gas Line Installation Serving the Kent Valley


Seamless new gas line installation offers homeowners the best protection against dangerous gas leaks.

Schedule your residential gas line installation job in Kent with us if you want hassle-free use of fuel, with minimal needs for gas line repair. We give top priority to your comfort, convenience and safety.

You can rely on us to get your residential gas line installation done:

  • By well-trained, responsible technicians
  • Using high-grade products
  • Patiently, without rushing through the job
  • As per the local codes

When we fit gas piping in your home, you can rest easy knowing that your gas-powered appliances will work safely.

Make Green City Heating and Air Conditioning your first call for residential gas line installation and gas line repair services in Kent. Reach us at (253) 465-7575.

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