Daikin Air Conditioning Repair & Service Hunts Point


If your Daikin air conditioning is blowing warm air—or not working at all—it’s time to call for Daikin air conditioning repair & service. After all, we’re not just talking about an uncomfortable afternoon on a hot day. We’re talking about real comfort in your home or business.

You want to make sure any A/C problem will not cause damages to your Daikin A/C system. Call Green City Heating and Air Conditioning when your Daikin A/C is not working correctly in your Hunts Point, WA area property.

Our repair and service team will make sure that your air conditioning system:

  • Is working at peak efficiency
  • Creates a relaxed and comfortable home or office
  • Makes the indoor air cleaner and healthier

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Daikin A/C Repair Hunts Point


We provide a complete range of Daikin A/C repair services for Hunts Point area residents. Our team handling Daikin air conditioning repair & service is known for their prompt response and excellent level of customer service.

Whether it is a Daikin A/C replacement or a Daikin A/C repair, here are a few things you can always expect when working with our technicians:

  • Full attention to details and unit specifications
  • Factory authorized A/C replacement parts
  • Permanent solutions for Daikin A/C repair issues

Schedule regular Daikin air conditioning repair & service before the summer months and know that your air conditioner is working properly.

Hunts Point Daikin A/C Replacement


Our Daikin air conditioning repair technicians are trained to understand your home’s cooling system. If your air conditioning is not repairable, we assist you in finding the right Daikin A/C replacement. We will determine the size of the area to be cooled, understand your budget, and recommend the right Daikin A/C unit.

We have extensive product training to ensure we match you with the right system for your home, at a very competitive price. We do a full analysis to make sure you are saving both on your electric bills.

While doing Daikin A/C replacement projects for Hunts Point area clients, we make sure that it:

  • Involves a right-sized replacement unit
  • Is a high performing and quality unit
  • Fits your budget

Let us add you to our list of clients that are glad they gave us a call!

For hassle-free Daikin A/C repair quotations and services in the Hunts Point area, call Green City Heating and Air Conditioning at (206) 249-9772. We also install and service air conditioning for other leading manufacturers. Please call us if you have any questions regarding your air conditioner.

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